Still extremely depressed becos of NEWS

I can't believe I couldn't even bear listening to NEWS' songs now... It just makes me so sad...
Tried to concentrate on my studying but my hand wandered off to a magazine on the shelf that caught my eye. Oricon style from march 2007 when NEWS came back out as six after one year of hiatus.
The words Pi wrote kinda gives us an idea of what he's thinking now I guess, but it makes me all so much more disappointed now when I read it again, and of course the happy faces of those six gathering and working together after separating for one year is something we can only dream of from now on...

Here's the comment Pi gave at that time:


My Translation:
I have polished my courage to stand up and go on alone (after this period). It was a big thing to gain so much experiences from all the things I've done. Especially the experience with GYM. It was happy to cross over the barrier of different countries and be able to communicate. After that I hardly practiced my Thai though(smile). It was great also to realize "How much is the power that I have? ". It was then I objectively considered about leaving NEWS, in the end however, I feel that I am me when I'm in NEWS. With NEWS, there's a place I can return to, and that is a great thing.

And so it seems, even back then Pi always had some idea of leaving NEWS but he might have not been quite prepared at that time, and there was still that factor of feeling safer with a group, but now yamapi seems all ready to meet the challenges himself so he has chosen to leave NEWS. As much as I understand ppl have their rights to choose their path, I think there's this factor of responsibility involved when it affects the path of five other ppl and also the hearts of millions that have supported and loved them.
It's still a pity that Pi had to choose the most selfish path there was....
It's almost as if now that NEWS won't be able to bring him to new heights and so he considers leaving just like that.
I'm sorry if my comments seem so biased and cynical towards Pi but I've heard rumors and now this, so somehow I just still can't get over it...

NEWS is gone..

I wanted to not believe it... i thought there was still a chance till it was officially announced on Johnny's web.
and then there it was, a single <back> button, and in the profile page, NEWS became 4 people only...

We all saw it coming...
NEWS was practically on hiatus for a whole year..
They wouldn't even get together for group shots in the regular magazines...
Yamapi went on solo tour...
there were so many clues here and there
yet we wanted to believe otherwise because we loved NEWS so much
I Loved NEWS so much.... -_____-.....
no amount of tears can erase the pain in my heart right now...
why... why does it have to be NEWS, the group that I have devoted my heart to... why God..??

NEWS was formed by just gathering a bunch of people around their centre boy Yamapi
they started off as 9, then 8, then 6....and now 4
lost 5 members in the not so short, but not long enough period of 8 years.
was it because that these people had never built the tie those other groups had from the beginning?
i refuse to believe that tho, cos I know they love eachother.. esp the 6 of them...
they have decided to part... ><
and nothing could be changed now.
it's all official.
within seconds, Yamashita Tomohisa's and Nishikido Ryo's names were removed from NEWS
as simple as that
just like the rule that nothing ever lasts in this world.
Cruel as it is..
That's the end of my beloved NEWS.
I'm sorry to the rest of the members, because RYO and Pi were my first and second in NEWS. I don't think I would be able to look at NEWS again without them...
Good luck from now on NEWS... -____-.... and i'll continue to sulk in my tears till i dehydrate and die....
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Ryopi oneshot

I miss ryopi sooooo much (>_<)

Title: keys
Author: Tellytelly
Pairing: Ryopi
Genre: pg
Summary: Ryo only needs some help and Pi only says a harmless lie.
( ok this is really short, doesn't really need a summary(^_^;)

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Boycott Johnny's international!!

I guess most of us overseas fans have subscribed to Johnny's international mail service.
I'm kinda pissed that the mail brings NO mentioning of Kanjani's new single on 17-8-2011 whilst other releases by other groups with later releases ( or even releases on the same day) are mentioned!!!
What's the idea of ignoring Kanjani 8 !!!!
First you abandon NEWS and now you ignore Kanjani!!!!
Sooo Angry !!!!!!! (♯`∧´)
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Coincidence Chapter 14

Finally updated!!!
I hope there are still readers for this Fic out there!!

Title: Coincidence Chap 14/?
Author: [info]tellytelly 
friendship, romance
Rating: PG +
Pairing: Ryopi + members from KATTUN and some NEWS
Summary:   Ryo and Pi finally go on a date! will anything happen?? and there's Ueda....

banner by Nishikii (I miss you !! ><)


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Coincidence Chapter 13

Title: Coincidence Chap 13/?
Author: [info]tellytelly 
friendship, romance
Rating: PG
Pairing: RyoJin/ Ryopi? Ryoda??characters from NEWS, KAT-TUN
Summary:   Pi can't get Ryo out of his head, and Ryo had troubles of his own. Jin is a crazy friend and Ueda comes into the scene??



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Sorry! >< another late update
more updates will come up soon!! i intend to update quicker ><
hope you still like this story and will continue reading
comments are my food !!!

Coincidence Chapter 12

OMG !!! it has taken me forever to update this! i'm so sorry if there are anyone waiting for this ><
I bring you this chapter as a little dedication for Kei-chan's Birthday ^^

Title: Coincidence Chap 12/?
Author: [info]tellytelly 
friendship, romance
Rating: PG
Pairing: RyoJin/ Ryopi? Ryoda??characters from NEWS, KAT-TUN
Summary:   Pi can't get Ryo out of his head, and Ryo had troubles of his own. Jin is a crazy friend and Ueda comes into the scene?? 

banner: nishiki
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Japan earthquake

Dear God,
may the earthquake settle soon and the lost people be found and the nuclear plant does not go off creating more damage.
Please bless Japan and all its people.
May the people be strong.
May the world unite and help each other as we can.

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